Patrick Nicholas Arlington EnergyPatrick is the Head of Delivery for Arlington Energy. He has specialised in the construction, commissioning and development of power generation plants across the world as well as in the United Kingdom.

Patrick was responsible for the construction and delivery of over 800MW of distributed gas generation sites when in post at UK Power Reserve (UKPR).  Patrick also held the position of country construction manager at Fichtner.

Patrick’s background started in marine engineering with his first power generation position working for DeBeers Diamond in Botswana. Patrick was responsible for the operation and maintenance of a power station which provided power to both the Orapa and Lethlakane Diamond mines. Since this Patrick has been engaged in many positions in both the generation of electricity and transmission.

Patrick was Construction & Commissioning Manager for a large power plant in Pakistan, as well as being the Country Engineering & Warranty manager for 4 other large power plants (totalling 1250MW) where he was responsible for all upgrades and refurbishment for the engine management systems, switchyard systems and generators.

Patrick has held various notable positions, included in these are Country Manager in Georgia for a leading consultancy company; Project Director for a high-profile joint venture project in Hong Kong as well as having project managed many power generation and gas plants across South America